"What an absolutely wonderful night Harriet.  We found it magically uplifting to be in the midst of incredible talent and voice power.  All of you - such richness and range. I feel very lucky to have been there.  Best wishes Michele"


"Freeze Frame Opera ... FFO! OMG! This new Opera company is doing EXACTLY what it promised to do. "Making opera accessible, affordable and appealing" .... Appealing!?!? I was transported! I had goosebumps on goosebumps. I felt I was witnessing something so clever and revolutionary.  So snappy, slick, professional, clever!! Well done @hattieoshannessy & @freezeframeopera creating something incredibly special and the brilliant singers on your team.  They all moved us profoundly.  As FFO reminds us "support the musical life of this city" (Florence F Jenkins) and a quote I think is exceptionally perfect ... "nothing is more necessary than the unnecessary" (Life is Beautiful)."


"the singing throughout - by sopranos Prudence Sanders, Emma Pettemerides, Harriet O'Shannessy, tenor Jun Zhang and baritone Lachlann Lawton - is both technically above reproach and tremendously affecting... If you don't think opera is your thing, get along tonight: FFO at the movies will change your mind."


"I loved the opening night last Thursday. Superlatives fail me! It was just so polished, original, the singing captivatingly beautiful etc. Many congratulations to you and the rest of the cast, the director, lighting and set design team. We were so lucky sitting behind Tommaso and could really appreciate what delicacy and what lustre he brings to the whole performance."

"Your production yesterday was fantastic ... We loved everything about your production: the intimacy of the venue, the set, your daggy costumes, the appropriateness of four lads living in a messy attic having such a good time together and with their girls. The tragedy that followed became somehow more inevitable and more intense. You nailed it!  Your voices and delivery, of course, were the real key to the success of the production. Beautiful, beautiful!"

"We’re just home from La Boheme…..BRILLIANT! One of the best things I’ve been to in a long time.  Hattie was superb – they all were.  I love it when opera singers can ACT too! The surtitles were a hoot! Just loved everything about it.  I SO hope FFO makes Camelot their home.  I’m going to EVERY show!!"

"Woohoo! Great show - we absolutely loved it! What a wonderful Wednesday night treat. Keep up the amazing work. You and your cast are an inspiration to us all!!"

"Have just been to La Boheme, what a tour de force!!  FFO was outstanding.  Hattie and cast are to be congratulated on such an innovative, creative and outstanding production.  The voices were gorgeous. Tommaso is a wunderkind. I loved every second of it."

"We went on Friday night and loved the show. The music , the singing ,the humour and the eclectic set. Such a warm feeling amongst the audience made it feel like a happy family awaiting a birthday surprise.  Wonderful and so glad you extended. Can't wait for the next one."

"Congratulations on your wonderful production of Boheme.  The singing was marvellous."

"We both just loved it! So funny, and tragic, irreverent and exquisite. Very beautifully performed and produced, it’s no wonder it had an extension and what a tremendous response."

"The guests we brought had no idea about what was coming -except  ---- "its an opera". A  couple (that we had in our car) said that when they told family, the comment was   "WHAT - you going to an opera".  All are now addicted and have requested we never go without them again. The show was fantastic!"

"I have just driven home from your opening night of La Boheme.  What a triumph, both for you personally, and for the Company.  Outstanding performances from all of you, superb music-making and excellence in production values.  You all more than deserved the standing ovation you received at the final curtain.  As a director myself, I am often diverted from the ‘performance’ by looking at the technical facets of a production – tonight – that wasn’t the case, the work itself came to superb life as a piece of art – and it was that which captured me from start to finish.  “Bravo” is not adequate to describe my feelings.  Puccini must be more than pleased."

"we thoroughly enjoyed your production of La Bohème. It really was great. Loved the humour and pathos, and all the little details. Loved it when you were flirting with Rodolfo, that classic scene when Musetta poured champagne on herself and the bouncer and, of course, the end. I thought the four guys worked well together, too. Well done to you, the cast and all those who worked behind the scene. Fabulous! "